WIdows need your help...

Indian widows are often victims of the caste system and face much discrimination.  Often, if a person sees the face of a widow in the morning, they will run back to their home and cleanse themselves, fearing bad luck will come to them.  Once a woman becomes a widow, often she is abandoned by family members to become a homeless beggar.  If she does stay with her family, often she is forced to live outside the house or on the corner of the land.  RK has a pension program, where widows can be sponsored for $2.50 a month-this provides food, clothing, and medical care.  RK hopes to one day have a shelter and place of employment for many widows. Amistad currently supports 1,000 widows a month. But there are 4,000 others who live nearby RK who desperately need help. Please consider giving such a small amount to make such a big difference in the life of someone who so few care about.


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